Change is hard.  Change is risky. Change is scary.  But change is needed to grow and become better.  After a whole week of yet another class with the PA Writing and Literature Project (PAWLP), I am challenged once again to change.  This time, however, it’s not a challenge to completely change, not 100%; rather, it is a shift, a Teaching Shift.   Continue reading “Reflections”


Book Talk Café

Imagine kids scattered around the room, desks all grouped together in little pods. Soft music plays, the bright fluorescent lights dimmed in favor of white string lights and lamps around the room.   Students are each holding a book, munching on donuts, laughing, and talking about what they read.  Continue reading “Book Talk Café”

Big Paper

As I say, “Go!” students head to the floor, grabbing a piece of big paper and a handful of markers before meeting their group members.  Some also bring a copy of the play for details, quotes, and page numbers.  Some artists take the lead and draw intricate designs, like an image representing a character from MacbethContinue reading “Big Paper”

Back to School

I watched Miss Taylor float around the room, reading passages from The Scarlet Letter and negotiating student questions with intelligent responses.  She formed small groups of students, and they designed a creative character web of colorful images, descriptive words, and quotable phrases from the novel.  

Continue reading “Back to School”

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